Why Get a Pre Listed House

If you are ready to sell your home and want to ensure that the sale process will go smoothly and quickly, you may want to consider a pre-listing home inspection. For you the seller, it could uncover any concerns that might compromise a sale. Typically, home inspections are paid for by the buyer and performed right before closing the sale of the home. By moving the inspection to the beginning of the sales cycle, you are able to shorten the process by getting rid of any obstacles that can interfere with a potential sale for the price you desire. For you lovely reader out there who may be considering selling your home, it may be of substantial worth and interest to know that there are Sea pines homes for sale at this moment. Read on to find out 5 reasons why you should consider a pre-listing home inspection before putting your house on the market.

Notice in advance

Every property has its own set of quirks and while you may be fairly aware of certain problems present in your home for an inspection, if you’re planning to put it on the market, it can go a long way to fix some issues that may have never caught your attention. With an inspection report detailing certain defects within the building, whether trivial or not, you are alerted way beforehand to make decisions that will play in your favor during the sale as you won't be caught off guard by any major finds from the buyer’s inspection.

D-I-Y option

When you have a pre-listing home inspection conducted, you sometimes get the benefit of saving hundreds of dollars by carrying out very routine repairs yourself which you would otherwise have forwarded to a professional by your prospective buyer should he/she get wind of the problem first-hand. Say, there’s some pretty simple plumbing task you could effortlessly and satisfactorily complete on your own; if the buyer’s inspector finds it before you do however, they are invariably going to mandate that a professional plumber does it and you are going to have to pay for that.

You get to choose the contractor of your choice

Should a project or repair be too much for you to handle so that you require the services of professionals, a pre listing home inspection gives you the opportunity and ample time to shop for the right expert with the right skill at the right price rather than choose an overly expensive one within a limited time frame just to appease your buyer

Informed pricing

There are going to be instances where you just aren’t prepared to undertake any repair or project, probably because it’d be too costly or simply not worth undertaking. What you can do in such a scenario is to let those projects be reflected in the sale price. By allowing whatever issues cannot be fixed to be reflected in the sale price – a lower one at that – you save yourself from footing repairs, amounts of which will not be fully recouped by a buyer’s offer.

Buyer may accept results

Having your house inspected is likely to create an appeal for buyers especially if included in marketing descriptions of the house. Though not the rule in many cases, buyers may be willing to waive the additional inspection during the due diligence period and just accept your pre-listing inspection report.

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