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View of the beach on Saturday from a 2BR/2BA Sea Crest unit that is generating nearly $70k per year in rental income.  This unit is available for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the current owner paid for it and may be the hottest income generating property on Hilton Head Island, SC right now.  For details, e-mail me at Richard@ThePattisallGroup.com or search on my web site www.ThePattisallGroup.com or call me on the cell @ 843-304-9590.  Happy Beach Day!

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Sept. 3, 2019

Hurricane Dorian Updates | Sea Pines Plantation | Hilton Head Island, SC | The Pattisall Group

Hurricane Dorian Update - Sea Pines Beach - HHI

Hurricane Dorian is presently off the Florida coast and making its way up the Eastern Seaboard.  The current forecast seems to have the storm about 90 miles out to sea, beyond the gulf stream at our latitude, and it is a mystery, at this time, as to the accuracy of the forecast of the storm trackers.  We are anticipating six to ten inches of rain, winds up to hurricane strength of perhaps 74mph, and storm surge of three to six feet - all dependent upon how close Dorian gets to the shoreline, and, heaven forbid, if it were to make landfall.

Stay tuned to The Pattisall Group blog page, The Pattisall Group Facebook Page, and The Pattisall Group You Tube Channel for updates, live where possible, and immediately uploaded when not, for accurate and up-to-date information.

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Dec. 13, 2018

Review Of Sea Pines Sub-Areas And Neighborhoods | The Pattisall Group

Review of Sea Pines Neighborhoods And Sub-Areas For Searching:

This is an outline of Sub-areas within the Sea Pines Plantation PUD that enables searchers of the www.ThePattisallGroup.com website to find neighborhoods and legal addresses within sub-areas on the advanced search feature and to further explain how Hilton Head MLS categorizes properties within the neighborhood.  Further posts will deal with streets within the corresponding sub-areas, neighborhoods, legal addresses, and specific streets and villa complexes.

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Nov. 25, 2018

Review Of Sea Pines Amenities | The Pattisall Group

Sea Pines Country Club

30 Governors Road
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
(843) 671-2345
sea pines country club

What is the best private country club on Hilton Head Island (according to Sea Pines residents   :-) ) Why, it is Sea Pines Country Club where you have a private championship 18-hole golf   course, driving range, a plethora of tennis courts (both clay and hard-court), an outdoor/indoor swimming pool, fitness center, ballroom, main dining room, mixed grill, and much more. After purchasing real estate in Sea Pines, this has to be something to consider in order to more quickly meet everyone in the neighborhood.

For Directions From Sea Pines Country Club to The Pattisall Group:

Exit Sea Pines Country Club left on Governors Road and proceed almost 1 mile to dead-end at Greenwood Drive. Take a right onto Greenwood Drive and go .76 mi to left on Tupelo Road. Then go about 1/4 mi to stop sign and take a left on Lawton Road and go about .3 mi to stop sign at N Sea Pines Drive. Go across N Sea Pines Drive onto Green Heron Road and take second right to end for 18 Green Heron Road.

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Aug. 20, 2018


Lots of folks find gated communities very alluring. A report by American Housing Survey in 2001 indicated that 4+ million homes in America are in a gated community. Considering the popularity of gated communities is sure to have increased over the last 17 years, you can safely bet that several more have been added to that number.

Evidently, gated communities are an attractive option for home buyers. If you are reading this and consider living in a gated community, there are high security homes for sale in Hilton Head, SC right now that may be of interest to you.  But is a home in one of these neighborhoods the right fit for you and our family? Let's help you make the right decision with some pros and cons. Read on

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Aug. 20, 2018


Why Get a Pre Listed House

If you are ready to sell your home and want to ensure that the sale process will go smoothly and quickly, you may want to consider a pre-listing home inspection. For you the seller, it could uncover any concerns that might compromise a sale. Typically, home inspections are paid for by the buyer and performed right before closing the sale of the home. By moving the inspection to the beginning of the sales cycle, you are able to shorten the process by getting rid of any obstacles that can interfere with a potential sale for the price you desire. For you lovely reader out there who may be considering selling your home, it may be of substantial worth and interest to know that there are Sea pines homes for sale at this moment. Read on to find out 5 reasons why you should consider a pre-listing home inspection before putting your house on the market.

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Aug. 16, 2018

Five Reasons Why You Need The Help Of A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

How Working With A Hilton Head, SC Real Estate Broker Can Save Big Time

So you, my dear, have finally decided to put up your home for sale, but are at a crossroads as to whether to hire the services of a real estate broker or take it upon yourself to close the deal. Hold on, my friend. Just like you wouldn't even entertain the thought of representing yourself in court, don't you think it would make a whole lot of sense to allow a real estate agent to represent you in selling off your property?

By making use of the services of a real estate agent on Hilton Head, you can be sure that you will have unlimited access to the latest market information and advertising resources. With vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills, a real estate agent possesses everything to ensure that your home is sold for the maximum profit possible with as little fuss as possible.

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Aug. 9, 2018

Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Here’s How A Sea Pines Realtor Like The Pattisall Group Can Save You Money


There are plenty of reasons why a real estate agent is needed when one desires to purchase a house. Admittedly, most people do not know much about the buy-and-sell procedure when it comes to real estate. It is a common notion that when an individual hires people who are more knowledgeable than him, it proves that he is smarter than the person he employs.

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Aug. 8, 2018

10 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

hilton head real estate broker

How The Pattisall Group Helps Hilton Head Residents Get The Best Deals For Their Homes

Many home sellers entertain the idea that they do not need a real estate agent in posting their Hilton Head homes for sale on the internet. Amazingly, some do fine without representation. The vast majority of those who did the same fail to find buyers that are willing to purchase the property for their asking price.

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Aug. 3, 2018

Choosing The Right Home Starts With The Neighborhood

Why You Need To Work With A Sea Pines Realtor To Find The Perfect Location

Today’s professionals work hard. It’s a challenging world out there with a dog eat dog mentality. Fresh out of college, all you want to do is join the game and start making mega bucks to live the type of lifestyle your ancestors would be proud of; the cars, the travelling to exotic locations, the stock portfolio, and the beautiful family you’ve always wanted.

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June 11, 2018

The Top 5 Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2018

Some of the big factors that will affect real estate in 2018 include an increased housing supply, the introduction of Gen Z to the real estate market and the growing senior population. A shift towards smaller homes with better amenities and the ever-growing sharing economy will also play a role in housing trends. 


While housing experts predictions for 2018 tend to vary, the steady economy will lead to more building and increased prices. Here’s what we’re seeing as the main trends in the real estate industry so far this year.

Housing Supply Will Start to Improve

One of the major housing issues over the last three years was a lack of affordable housing. As 2018 progresses, we should start to see supply catching up with demand. While the problem will not be completely solved, new housing will be coming on the market in the second half of 2018.

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