Lots of folks find gated communities very alluring. A report by American Housing Survey in 2001 indicated that 4+ million homes in America are in a gated community. Considering the popularity of gated communities is sure to have increased over the last 17 years, you can safely bet that several more have been added to that number.

Evidently, gated communities are an attractive option for home buyers. If you are reading this and consider living in a gated community, there are high security homes for sale in Hilton Head, SC right now that may be of interest to you.  But is a home in one of these neighborhoods the right fit for you and our family? Let's help you make the right decision with some pros and cons. Read on


Privacy and Security

The biggest perk and main reason why lots of homeowners patronize gated communities is clearly because of the security element. Because they are private, it makes it particularly difficult to access if you are an intruder, solicitor or simply not part of the community. This ensures that criminal activity is heavily reduced and this is a thing of beauty especially if you used to deal with crime and/or solicitors before joining the community.

Traffic free

Behind the gates, traffic and speeding cars are greatly reduced making it safe for nonchalant children, dog walkers, joggers or anyone for that matter who enjoys walking near a road without having to stress about getting injured– a common phenomenon occurring when vehicles, often moving too fast or recklessly turn from busy main roads into serene neighborhood roads.

Higher property value

With higher standards of home quality, stricter building codes that enhance uniformity in design, exclusivity due to limited space and HOA, gated communities tend to have higher property values as compared to non-gated neighborhoods. Of course, this does make the properties within gated communities much more expensive. Notwithstanding the costs however, homeowners within gated communities enjoy better value for their money.

A Greater sense of community

Comings and goings are greatly controlled within gated communities making inhabitants greatly aware of who belongs and who does not. This results in greater freedom to trust and form bonds with fellow inhabitants, making block parties, street sports and other events common occurrences in gated communities


Properties are more expensive

As has been indicated earlier, whilst stricter building codes, exclusivity and higher standards of home quality add to stable and increasing property value, they often present the downside of not only shooting up the prices of properties but also making the cost of living within gated quite expensive when compared to non-gated communities.

Community fees may be required

As has been subtly indicated earlier, living in a gated community comes at a cost. Often times there are charges and HOA fees and other bills you may be required to foot along with other inhabitants to cover gate guards, maintenance of roads, gate repair etc.

Entry only with permission

One very irritating thing about gated communities is the cumbersome process involved in granting visitors access to your property as they almost always have to wait in line - a common occurrence during very busy hours - until you call down to the gate. In addition, gated communities tend to put a lid on the time contractors can come and complete a task at your home, even outrightly denying them entry during holidays.


When it comes to housing alternatives, gated communities are quickly becoming the pick of the bunch among homeowners these days. It is true that the costs associated with gated communities are dear but that shouldn't be a wet blanket. The good news is no two gated communities are the same and with each come various pricing; some that may heavily favor your budget right now. Wondering where to start finding one?  https://www.thepattisallgroup.com with tons of housing options is a great place to start.